Indian wine writer impressed with authentic African wine

The Indian wine writer, Subhash Arora , was immensely impressed by the uniquely South African experiences during his past visit. Arora indicated that the African Cuisine dinner, hosted by Kumkani, was one of the highlights of the recent Cape Wine show.

He writes that the company of wine peopleTM who fill in the recently launched Kingfisher Bohemia bottles in India with a red and a white, hosted a Kumkani (which means ‘king’ in Xhosa) dinner at Nyoni’s Kraal (which means Corner), a unique South African restaurant in Cape Town.

Modern African cuisine served with award-winning Kumkani wines at this uniquely South African restaurant with Marimba band in attendance would convince anyone that Indians have definitely influenced the South African cuisine.

It also demonstrated that the company of wine peopleTM has a wide spectrum of wines starting from the low-end Bohemia that they are supplying to the brewery division of Kingfisher, to the top-end award winning wines like Kumkani range.

To make the evening interesting and authentically African, there was an African Priestess who blessed the winemaker in true African style with voice so powerful and language so incomprehensible and scary that he could not resist telling her later that he hoped she did not bless her husband too often!

Subhash Arora was one of the international journalists who attended the Cape Wine Show.

He concluded that the Cape Wine Show certainly enhanced the image of South African wines and the passion of several winemakers and producers to exploit the terroir of their land for a brighter future for their wines.


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