Party like a star


In an article published on the Destiny magazine website ( ), some well-known South African celebrities share their ‘party tricks’ used to entertain guests.

MD of Agenda Communications, co-owner of Diamond Face Couture, deputy chairperson of Gauteng Films and TV presenter of African Giants, Uyanda Mbuli is a skilled businesswoman and hostess. She loves organising high tea-style get-togethers and suggests you:

-Greet guests with good French Champagne, strawberries and cream.
-Look good, be warm, welcoming, energetic and full of smiles.
-Make your guests feel at home. “My guests are truly welcome throughout my house, from the kitchen to the lounge, although I usually entertain on one of my poolside patios,” she says.

Former Miss South Africa, TV presenter, restaurateur and club owner, Vanessa Carreira-Coutroulis is used to entertaining the masses. When entertaining at home, she suggests you:
-Prepare food well in advance so you don’t spend all your time in the kitchen.
-Make sure there’s enough food and drink, and the rest will take care of itself.
-Use loads of flowers but keep things simple to create the right ambience.

Socialite Edith Venter is MD of Edith Venter Promotions. The quintessential party hostess gives these tips for delighting guests:
-Serve delicious food that’s easy to prepare – don’t try to make complicated sauces that go wrong at the last minute.
-Have an interesting guest list that includes good friends, as well as a balance between serious individuals and really “off-the-wall” personalities to encourgae a lot of talk around the table
-To create the ideal ambience, light candles inside and outside your home. The colours and décor should be warm and inviting, and these – together with lovely background music and great cocktails – set the perfect tone.

Source: Destiny Connect


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  1. Excellent article

    i think Uyanda Mbuli is one of Sa’s glamorous women.

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